Scourge of Pereth

Session 1: Kull Davos's journal

A matter of Honor

{{ Orderly columns of pictograms, drawn in a fine and practiced hand, grace this page. A translation has been provided. }}

I suspect I have outstayed my welcome at the wheat-farm village. Today, the King’s tax collectors came again, months early, demanding a second levy and killing a villager who dared bring dishonor upon himself by touching one of the soldiers.

I should mention my new companions; the deranged human Luthgern (whom I would call a Barbarian, if it was not a redundant descriptor that could apply to all of the people of this uncivilized land), the proud dwarf Torin (a paladin with some small skill as a metalsmith), Marlow the half-elven woman (very dedicated to the health of the land), and a strange elf Lengren, whom, it seems, can summon a dragon.

In the aftermath of the tax collection, we were confronted by the lawlessness and dishonor of some of the King’s troops, as they tried to force themselves on women of the village and became violent when rebuffed. Neither Torin nor I would stand for this behavior, thus we intervened. It was not my best fight, but we prevailed and preserved the honor of the women. Only one of the soldiers survived, but he will likely never fight again.

Curiously, the mayor seems upset that we saved his women.


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